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Link Mashup - Great Reads of the Week

Here are some great reads of the week, as well as a rundown of what we've been talking about over here at Just Add Lauren this week. Life has been pretty hectic for me (hence the lack of updates yesterday!) but I promise there will be more to come this weekend and next week!

Great Reads:
Kitchen Stewardship - Why I Chose Raw Milk - I'm still not there yet, and haven't chosen raw milk for my family as of now, but I think her argument is thorough and interesting. I also like that she is always non-judgmental in explanation of things, and states that this is a personal choice for each to make for them and their family.

Easy Breakfast From Scratch - I am always looking for new ideas, and since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (by far!) this one was especially applicable to me.

Freezing Kale - great idea to preserve your summer harvest! Also goes really well with this week's Try It Out Tuesday - Leafy Greens!

Bidding Farewell to the Microwave Oven - something I've considered doing myself, and very interesting to read about someone else's journey.  I also like the suggestions on alternative ways to heat things up once you are done with your microwave.

What We've Been Talking about at Just Add Lauren:

Money Monday - 6 Expensive Habits You Can Live Without - a guest post for Money Monday this week discussing the expensive things we can do without in order to save big bucks!

Why Does It Get Harder to Lose Weight as You Age - the third in the series of Time article questions. Discussing why it is that people find it harder to lose weight with age. Check it out to see what you can do about combating that!

Winner of the Coffee Cup Creations Giveaway - Congratulations to freddie! She's been contacted and has responded, so she will be receiving her prize shortly!

Try It Out Tuesday - Leafy Green Vegetables - they are in season now for colder climates (like here in Colorado) so it is a great time to add them to your diet! Leafy greens provide tons of cancer fighting chemicals, and are a wonderful healthy addition to what you are eating.

Diet Sodas and Weight Gain - my take on Time's answer to the question of if diet sodas can cause weight gain. We have covered the series of 5 key questions about weight loss this week, and the last one will be coming later today.

Work On It Wednesday - Get Outside! Summer is officially upon us, so now is the time to enjoy all those wonderful activities that you are dreaming about while the snow is covering the ground during winter time!

That's the week in review for this week. I hope you have enjoyed the articles! As always, I welcome your feedback, so let me know which was your favorite or least favorite posts!

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  1. Hi Lauren! I didnt know you did one of these round ups too! Awesome! I love sharing things that caught my eye. I am laughing because I also listed a raw milk article on my link love and we just recently made the switch over! Have a great weekend and I love your article choices! Keep it REAL! alex