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Fundamentals eCourse!

I wanted to share this all with you, because it is something that I am doing myself and am very excited about. God's Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally In Season (GNOWFGLINS) is hosting an online e-course dedicated to the fundamentals of preparing, cooking, and baking whole foods.

Basically, Wardeh (the blogger on Gnowfglins) has had an e-course for a while, but she recently opened it up to everyone, and asks that you simply pay what you can when you can. The enrollment doesn't close, so you can sign up anytime and have access to the classes. By signing up you get a lifetime membership to the Fundamentals eCourse, and also access to future classes. She also has a member FAQ, and community forums for people once they sign up.

I think it is an awesome e-course (I'm most excited about the water kefir and sourdough bread lessons), and I also think it is even more awesome that she has opened it up to everyone and asks only that you pay when you are able. I only hope that people don't take advantage of this, because I think Wardeh has wonderful intentions, and I also know that she's spent a lot of time preparing the courses and and does deserve to be compensated for her time, energy, and wealth of knowledge.

I hope that some of you can join me in the lessons, and also support Wardeh in her efforts!

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