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Work On It Wednesday

(I, for one, am working on getting new graphics...please bear with me!) 

I'm starting a new series called "Work on It Wednesday" aimed at taking my life, piece by piece, and working on it to make it healthier. As I said in my review of Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism, I think when you are given an overwhelming amount of information all at one time, it can be extremely disheartening. It begins to feel like change is not actually possible, because there is so much information and so much to process that you can't possibly make a difference in the world, or even really in your individual life.

Well, I think you (meaning I) can. So each Wednesday, I am going to make that a point - to make a conscious effort to change just one thing about my life or work towards a goal. Whether that be nutritional, environmental, fitness related, or just lifestyle in general,  there are many parts of my life that could use improving, so I am going to work on it step by step.  I am a very goal oriented person, and I function better when I set out with a specific idea of what I want to do in my mind, so I think that by setting those small stepping stone goals, I can work towards where I really want to be in my life. I discussed in my post about the definitions of healthy, I think life is all about making baby steps towards our ultimate goal. There are few people that can set a goal and then achieve it within days (or weeks, or whatever). And personally, the times that I have set goals and in one great leap achieved them, it meant that I was not setting myself high enough standards. So this series is going to be the opposite - my ultimate goal is to live in a completely green, healthy, environmental friendly, organic way. Certainly, I am not there yet (see the gluttonous pile of Redi-Whip I put on my Angel Food Cake), but I am working towards that goal with baby steps, and it is a journey.

I would love for you to join me on this journey. Part of what I envisioned for Just Add Lauren is a blog where we can come together and share our paths towards a healthier (and thus happier) lifestyle. I want your feedback, your changes, your comments, everything! Let me know what you are doing to improve your life, and I will likewise share what I am doing to improve mine!

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