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Hoping to Make the Cut

Back in the winter time (I'm maintaining that it is spring, even though the weather outside is not really agreeing with me), I started a journey to try and slim down a bit. I've never really been overweight, and I'm certainly not saying that I was heavy to begin with, but I'd been battling the same 5 or so pounds for a while and never really feeling super great about myself. So I set out to lose around 10-15 pounds. I started in November, and my goal was to reach where I wanted to be by the time my husband came home from his deployment in February. Needless to say, it wasn't the best time of the year to start this process, but I made it and reached my goal and felt pretty good. But alas, I feel as though I am not quite finished. Although I haven't really gained any weight back since my husband came home (aside from 1-2 pounds that sometimes appears after our occasional pizza nights!) I would really like to lose between 5-10 more pounds. So, on Thursday I ordered two new books to help me out, and I'm ready to get started..once they get here, that is! I've been a big fan of Jillian Micheals' for years (I know that's a controversial opinion, but maybe that will be another topic for another post), so I ordered my very own copy of her two latest books, Making the Cut and Master Your Metabolism. Master Your Metabolism isn't really a workout book, it is more just about nutrition and diet, but I got it because a)Amazon gave me a good deal when I ordered them both at one time, and b) I just really like books about nutrition.

Making the Cut, however, is a workout book from what I have heard and read. It's supposed to be for people with those pesky "last 10 pounds" to lose, and I'm hoping it will help me lose those, and also tone up or get more "shredded" as Jillian says (although I find that to be a rather scary term). I'm super excited to get started on them, and I'll be updating you every so often on my progress!

You can click on the picture of the book to bring you to the ordering page on Amazon if you would like to join me!

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