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Another Round of Organic Deals!

I just got back from Safeway, where I was finishing up the items that I needed for the week. I ended up spending a little more than I thought I would, because I found some great deals!

Here's a breakdown of what I got and what I paid:

Missions Tortillas x 2 - $3.58
- $0.75 Missions Coupon x 2(available here) and multiplied to $1.00 off
- $0.80 x 2 in-ad coupon for Safeway (special this week), thanks to my wonderful cashier!
Total: Free with $0.02 overage

Organic Almond Milk x 2 - $3.98
- 50% off coupon stuck to the front of the box (reduced for quick sale)
Total: $1.99 for two, or about $0.99 each

Organic Milk x 2 - $5.98
- 50% off stuck to the front of the box because it expires soon
Total: $2.99 for two (!!!)

Organic Eggs x 2 - $6.78
No discounts here, unfortunately, so they were $3.39 per dozen

Total for the whole trip: $11.72. I saved $8.60, which was a total of 42%!

If I wouldn't have bought the eggs, I would have spent only $4.96 and still saved $8.60, which would have been a total of 63%. I needed the eggs though, so they were worth it, and they were actually cheaper than the $3.89 I would have paid for the name-brand organic eggs yesterday at the Commissary if I hadn't had the $2 off coupon (which I don't have any more of). It just shows you that it pays to comparison shop!

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