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Week In Review

It has been a long week for me -- does anyone else feel the same? I know I have talked in the past on here about the fact that my husband and I are moving in a few months...well, make that 6 weeks! We found out last week that our date to move has been pushed up to August, so we'll be trekking to farm country at that point. I'm very excited about the move, but definitely stressed now about all the things that need to be done before then!

Anyway, here is a week in review at Just Add Lauren. I hope you have enjoyed!

Why I am Reducing My Grain Consumption, and 5 Reasons You Should Too - This post may have been my most conversation sparking post yet (aside from Why I Quit the Grocery Game, which people really seemed to love/hate). In Why I am Reducing....I explained to you all why I've cut back on my grain consumption (particularly processed grains, but also overall carbohydrates in general), and the physiological and health reasons that I believe that it is good for all of us to get less grains in our diet.

Coffee Cup Creations Giveaway - we also started a new giveaway this week, which I am very excited about! The prize is a gift pack from Coffee Cup Creations that includes an adorable coffee mug filled with their very own baking mixes that you can mix up and make into a variety of treats. Head over and enter today! (The contest ends June 21, so get your entries in now!)

Money Mondays talked about Saving Money on Vacation this week. Summers are such an incredibly popular time to vacation, but I think it is important to keep in mind your own financial limitations when you are exploring new vacation destinations. Simply by getting creative and changing a few small things, you can save bundles!

Try It Out Tuesday this week was all about incorporating Peppers into your diet. Whether they are hot, spicy, sweet, or bell, peppers contain all kinds of wonderful things that help you stay healthy. I provided lost of information about their nutritional benefits, as well as their health benefits, so take a look at that and let me know how you are going to add peppers to your diet!

We also talked about the new standards that the government is imposing for organic milk. I had some mixed feelings about it, but overall I do think it is a step in the right direction. I at least appreciate that they are trying to regular organic labeling more so that "organic" doesn't become the new "all-natural" (meaningless) term.

Lastly we are now covering a series that Time Magazine had about some key questions regarding weight loss. I'm giving you my take on the questions and answers, as well as a little more in depth information about the topic. So far we've covered Why Exercise Doesn't Help You Lose Weight and What Kind of Exercise is Best for Me. We will cover the remaining three questions in the coming days.

I hope you have enjoyed the week! I look forward to hearing all your comments about these, and future, posts!

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