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Link Mashup - Great Reads of the Week

Like I said last week, I spend a considerable (embarrassing) amount of time on the internet. It's the truth, so there. There aren't that many things in my life that I really don't think I could cut out, but I do think the internet is one of them. Thankfully, it is a wealth of information and learning, and not just a complete and udder waste of time (although there are days that I feel like I haven't accomplished too much by sitting at the computer). However, with my weekly Link Mashup, you get to benefit from my massive amounts of time reading articles and studies on the internet. Here are some items that I found particularly interesting this week:

  • Flavored Milk Still Does a Body Good  - I got this link from Jamie Oliver's Twitter account, and I can definitely see why it is so frustrating to him. I am not going to disagree and say that nutritional benefits are not had from drinking flavored milk, because obviously kids still get the calcium and all that, but why should we have to add so much sugar to entice kids to drink it? Teach them what milk is supposed to taste like, and it isn't supposed to taste like dessert!
  • Hunger and Obesity - a thought provoking article about the state of food and cyclical obesity in the US. As the article puts it, calories are cheap but nutrient dense foods are not. 
  • Mixed Berry Crisp - another great recipe that utilizes both berries and natural sweeteners
  • Convince Me to Drink Raw Milk - I may go back to this subject in a later post, because it is a topic that I am interested in researching a little more, but here is a very informative post on the benefits of drinking raw milk and one blogger's opinion about the subject. 

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  1. Thanks for adding a link to my post in your Link Mashup!
    I just found your blog and am enjoying it.