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Another Way to Save Money in Your Hometown

I was recently referred to this new website, Groupon, as another way to save money around my hometown. Basically the idea behind Groupon is that they email you once a day advertising a special deal for that day in your city (for example, yesterday's was 60% off at an upscale restaurant in my downtown area, today is $39 for five weeks of unlimited group Salsa and dance classes valued at $99).  Groupon is a relatively new site, but I think there could be some great finds here! I don't mind getting only one email a day for the opportunity to maybe get hold of something that I wouldn't normally be able to do (like eat at said fancy restaurant for 60% off!)

Check out Groupon for your city and let me know if you find any fabulous deals!

1 comment:

  1. I love Groupon! I have ordered so many Groupons and only had one bad experience with a well-known company that decided it wouldn't honor the groupons four days before they expired. I contacted Groupon and they gave me credit for my purchase plus $10. I know I will use the credit toward other Groupons, so I didn't mind the credit. In fact, I just got a hair cut/style for $20 at a place that gets great ratings.

    I got to know the owner of a new frozen yogurt shop in my city. He ran a Groupon promotion and had a fantastic sign-up, but when I talked to him a few days before they expired, he said a large number of people never redeemed their Groupons. He really wanted to get traffic into the store, so he was a bit disappointed, but this is a good reason to set up reminders if you buy a Groupon, so you don't forget to use them!

    Oh - and Groupon now has an iPhone app that you can use to redeem your Groupons in stores.