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Women with a Tiny Carbon Footprint

I recently stumbled upon this article  about Joan Pick, a woman who has made it her mission to live as environmentally conscious as possible. A scientist by trade, Ms Pick became very interested in the idea of energy consumption and our effect on the environment, and she has subsequently adopted a (rather dramatic) lifestyle that will allow her to make as little impact on the environment as possible. For example, she only uses electricity to light one lightbulb in her house and to heat her stove, which she uses to make hot water for tea, laundry, and sponge baths. She has only been in a car twice since 1973 - once in a hearse for her mother's funeral, and once when an ambulance came to pick her up. She runs everywhere that she goes, and only eats raw food.

While I find Ms Pick's story fascinating, I also think that the lifestyle that she's adopted would be very isolating. Can you imagine never being able to go and meet friends for lunch (can't drive a car, can't eat cooked food) or spending your days doing the laundry by hand? I don't even like doing the laundry now, and it takes hardly any effort with my washing machine! Obviously Ms Pick is someone who is secure in her decision to give up the conveniences of the modern world, but I wouldn't be able to hack it. I do think, however, that it is extremely admirable that someone would take on as much responsibility for their role in polluting the environment as Ms Pick does, and it inspires me to try and take on just a little bit more for my role, which is clearly a lot larger than Ms Pick's.

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