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Organics on a Budget

So last night I was at the grocery store, and I wanted to show everyone what I got for my budget. We already have the staples in my house because I had a bigger shopping trip earlier this month, so for the most part I was just stocking up on fruit to replenish the ones we've already eaten.

This shopping trip was completely without coupons, as I went sort of on a whim and didn't have my coupon binder with me. Here's the breakdown of what I got:

  • 1.57lb of Organic Bananas ---- 1.08
  • Coconut Milk (1/2 gallon) --- 3.69
  • Fresca (2liter) ---1.34
  • Organic Artichokes (2) ---2.99
  • 1.05lb of organic asparagus --- 3.14
  • 2.47lb of organic red delicious apples ---3.68
  • 3 lb organic strawberries @ 2.50/lb --- 7.50
All of it totaled out to be $23.42 with a savings of $10.81 of 31%.  I wanted to show you all this to demonstrate how you can shop organically on a budget and even do it without coupons. Obviously my savings percentage would have been higher and my money spent out of pocket lower if I hadn't bought the coconut milk and the fresca (impulse buys), but I still think I did pretty well!

Have you gotten any great deals lately! I would love to hear about them!

1 comment:

  1. Hey that's not bad! I really need to focus on how much things are costing me when I go food shopping. Most often I don't pay attention and I really could be saving more if I do.