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Organic Coupon Roundup

I got multiple responses about my "grocery game" post last week, so I wanted to follow up with a listing of coupons that I have found online for organic products. Many of these (like Organic Valley) are available pretty much any time. I do believe there are print limits on some, but that will vary depending on which brand you are printing from. Beside the name of the brand, which should link to the printing page, I am listing what the coupons are for so that you can quickly look through if you are looking for something specific. At this point if you are going to sign up for lots of newsletters, coupons, etc I might recommend getting an email address just for this purpose. I did that recently, and it has cut down greatly on my "junk" mail. I do check the other email, so if something good comes along I see it, but for the most part it is where all of my subscriptions and other random emails go. I would recommend Gmail for a web based free email, but there are tons of others out there too.  

So here it goes - my first ever Organic Coupon Roundup!

Organic Valley  - milk, cheese, butter, eggs, cottage and cream cheese, soy milk, half and half

Mambo Sprouts  - a variety of things currently including Method Laundry Detergent, Newman's Own Pizza, and Cascadian Farms Products. You can also sign up for the home mailer, which I just got in the mail yesterday and includes pages of coupons for organics.

Cascadian Farms -  you have to sign up for future offers, but you get $1 off a Cascadian Farm product. You can also often find these at other coupon sites. I use them for frozen fruit - with the $1 off coupon, I usually get my 8oz frozen blueberries for around .99 a package. I love them to snack on!

Earthbound Farms - They have a quiz available and when you take it and get the answers right you get a $1 coupon.

Simply Organic - organic baking mixes, spices, vanilla

Earth's Best Organics - great organic baby coupons including $5 off formula. Also diaper, baby food, and cereal coupons.

Horizon's Organic - you do have to register, but currently they have milk and yogurt coupons

Muir Glen - $1 off - great to use on canned items or jarred spaghetti sauce!

Seventh Generation - variety of cleaning, baby care, and laundry coupons

Stoneyfield Farms - you have to register again, but they have a selection of coupons like Oikos Greek Yogurt, milk, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and stoneyfield farm yogurt.

Garden of Eatin' - $1 off chips made from organically grown corn (the chips themselves are not organic, but the ingredient list is as follows: Organic blue corn, expeller pressed oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, sea salt) 

Nature Made - vitamin coupons

Organic Prairie - fresh and frozen meat coupons 

Burleson's Honey - $1 off Pure Honey

Burt's Bees Toothpaste - Fill out the form and sign up for either a free sample of the toothpaste or a $1 off coupon.

Safeway Store Coupons - this week they organic butter, fair trade organic coffee, and a variety of their "bright green" products including fabric softener and trash bags

Whole Foods Market Coupons - also a variety of coupons including peanut butter, cereal, kefir drinks, and yogurt.

Target - this week the only ones I see are for Kashi products. They also have a printable for GE CAF lightbulbs

Since grocery stores vary by region, I haven't included many of those in my coupon roundup. I would recommend checking with the website of your favorite grocery stores, as sometimes they do have printables available for their store brand or other organic products.  
Hopefully you can find some coupons within this list that can help cut down on your savings! I will probably be continuing to post these organic coupon roundups if they are useful to you, so please let me know if they help you! Also let me know if you have any to add to the list. 

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  1. I'm starting to focus on organic and healthier foods. We've always had a pretty decent diet, but recently my five year old was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. She has other autoimmune illnesses that have been diagnosed over the last four years. I learned about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, so we will be making our meals from scratch now - no more processed stuff, no more eating out, no more complex carbohydrates - at least for a few months to see if it helps my daughter.

    I am looking forward to seeing what deals you get. I am going to be going through tons of eggs, butter, 100% pure juice and other stuff.

    A couple of other sources of coupons (not online) are magazines (Body & Soul, Gardening, etc.) that you can sometimes get for free and this coupon database:

    Thanks for pulling together a list of online sources!